Allow your guests to take photos with a cool handmade photo booth that won’t break the bank. Ready, steady, strike a pose! During the previous decade, photo booths have become one of the most essential wedding amusements. And for good cause. These would make a wonderful gift for families that love being outdoors. They’re lots of fun for visitors, and they work well as both a fun pastime throughout the day’s natural lulls and also as a souvenir to take home. You may also use your photo booth as a substitute for a guest book by placing an empty scrapbook and some glue beside it, with the option to write a message next to their photograph.

There are many different photo booth firms that rent for the day, and you may anticipate paying anything depending on the style, photo booth backdrop, and length of time you want to keep the photo booth. When you hire a photo booth, the most common packages include delivery, a photo booth attendant for several hours, photo booth decorations, a dressing-up box with unlimited prints on the night, and digital copies (though many of these may be additional to download after the event).

Backdrop Ideas, Props, and Camera Pointers

Hire firms also provide a variety of options for you to select from. Mini Cooper photo booths, bright tuk-tuks from Asia, a Volkswagen camper, an Airstream classic, a horsebox, and even whole blow-up rooms are all examples of hire options.

If you can’t afford a professional photo booth, but you believe it will make your wedding more fun, there are numerous methods to put up a DIY photo booth for next to nothing. And thankfully, that’s not the case.

We’ve put up a brief and simple tutorial on how to make your own DIY photo booth, from backdrop ideas and props to important camera pointers and photo booths.

How Do You Make a Cool Photo Booth?

  1. Find a space. When looking for the perfect spot to set up your photo booth, you’ll want to find a place that is well-lit and has plenty of room for guests to move around. If you’re setting up the photo booth outdoors, make sure to choose a spot that is sheltered from the sun or wind.
  2. Gather your supplies. For this project, you’ll need a camera, a tripod, a laptop or tablet, a printer, and some props. You can get creative with the props – use anything that will make your guests smile!
  3. Set up the camera. Place the camera on the tripod and position it so that it is pointing towards the spot where you want your guests to stand. If you’re using a laptop or tablet, you can set up the camera so that it is live streaming the images to the screen. This way, your guests can see themselves as they are taking photos.

How to Plan Your Photo Booth Backdrop: Dos and Don’ts

Before you go looking for fantastic photo booth backdrop designs on Pinterest, make sure you have a realistic approach and some planning. Does your wedding venue allow for a photo booth to be set up, and if so, where should it be placed? A photo booth should be close enough to the major action (such as the dance floor, bar, or main reception area) but hidden enough so that people who are having their photographs taken do not feel self-conscious.

You might want to set up your photo booth in an alcove or corner of the reception room, or perhaps a little side room may work beautifully. You could have your DIY photo booth outside in a horsebox, vintage caravan, or simply on a gazebo or patio. Wherever you choose, make sure that visitors can quickly locate it and that there isn’t a long walk back to the bar. Otherwise, it will be a waste of your time and effort.

If you’re unsure where to position your photo booth, look for wedding venues that have already had couples use them as part of their wedding entertainment. If you don’t know where to put yours, inquire with the venue owner or coordinator; they’ll be able to suggest a good location that has worked in the past.

When it comes to building your own DIY photo booth, you’ll need to measure the area’s dimensions first – this will be crucial when it comes to stepping 2!

 Select a Design for Your Photo Booth Backdrop

You now know how much space you have to work with, so it’s time to get started – selecting a design for your photo booth backdrop. Consider the topic of your wedding; could you come up with anything that fits in? A palm leaf backdrop wall and a country garden motif would benefit from a flower wall backdrop, and at a festival wedding, a cute tipi or hay bales would look fantastic as a backdrop.

Don’t go overboard with complicated things. Simplicity can be elegant in the right situation. Consider how much time you have to devote to this and how realistic your creative skills are (or enlist the help of someone else who is creative). You’ll also need to think about how you’re going to transport the backdrop to the venue. If you have a tiny car and a magnificent 8-foot creation, you may be in some hot water!

From cool chalkboards to an easy balloon wall, we’ve gone online in search of some of the most amazing DIY photo booths that you might use as planning inspiration for your own wedding day.

  1. Tropical Photo Booth Backdrop
  2. DIY Flower Wall Photo Booth
  3. Balloon Photo Booth
  4. Personalised Photo Frame
  5. DIY Mirror Backdrop
  6. Neon Sign Photo Booth
  7. Vintage Style DIY Photo Booth
  8. Tipi Photo Booth
  9. Swing Seat Photo Booth
  10. Celestial Themed Photo Booth
  11. Macrame Photo Booth
  12. DIY Pom Pom Photo Booth
  13. Fairy Light Curtain Photo Booth
  14. Chalkboard Photo Booth
  15. Net Curtain Photo Booth

Capture the Fun on Camera Without Breaking the Bank

You’ve got the ideal backdrop figured out, and you’re now faced with a difficult challenge: how are you going to capture it all on camera? The camera is the most expensive component of a DIY photo booth, but consider what you already have at home or could borrow to make it a really cheap alternative.

The easiest option is to utilize a Polaroid camera. You may leave it on a table next to your photo booth backdrop, and guests can take photos of one another that are instantly printed. Even if you have a Polaroid or can borrow one, keep in mind that film is costly, so this may get pricey. You might want to restrict guests to a few pictures each.

Investing in or restoring your holiday selfie stick and setting up a selfie station is another popular choice. You may either give guests a phone and a selfie stick, which will store all of the photographs they take and then download and email to friends after, or request that they use their own phones and upload pictures to social media using a particular hashtag or a dedicated photo booth software. If you want to print out pictures as soon as they’re taken, consider investing in or borrowing an Instant Portable Photo Printer. This is a tiny printer that uses Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone and allows you to print straight away.

A DSLR camera mounted on a tripod is the most professional fun and affordable way to execute a DIY photo booth. Obviously, if you already own a DSLR, hiring a photo booth may be superfluous; however, it’s only really an option if you have access to one or can borrow one from a professional photographer buddy. At the night, you may ask ushers or acquaintances to take turns shooting the photographs. Alternatively, there’s a remote control option for guests who wish to snap their own pictures while posing.

If you’re not camera savvy, ask someone who is to double-check the settings of any cameras you’re using to make sure you don’t get a harsh glare from the flash or that the photos are too dark. You’ll also need to adjust the settings if you’re using the photo booth both day and night.

When the destination wedding is over, you may either upload all of the pictures to a digital platform or app for guests to download or use an online site or app to share them.

Fun Props and Costumes to Make Your Photo Booth Even More Enjoyable

There are a few things that go along with a photo booth. A photo booth isn’t much of a photo booth if it doesn’t include any props or costumes. The whole idea behind the booth is to be a source of amusement for visitors when they’re in high spirits, so make it as enjoyable as possible.

Look for inexpensive, silly stuff like hats, enormous glasses, goofy signs, wigs, feather boas, blow-up items, and outfits that you can slip on fast. You may also make some yourself or buy a kit to construct them out of playing cards. They don’t have to be very durable since you just want them to endure a few hours of fun.

Not only will these decorations provide your guests with a sense of warmth, but you could also make use of them to add personality to your photo booth. You might also want to consider dressing your photo booths such as vintage suitcases, a fun chair, or a neon sign. For visitors to strike a pose inside, you may either purchase or create a simple photo booth backdrop.

Finally, you may add to the excitement by setting up a face painting or glitter station at the booth’s entrance so people can decorate their own faces rather than using props.

DIY Photo Booth That Will Make Your Guests Look Their Best: Lighting Tips and Ideas

You should also think about the lighting conditions on whichever camera you’re planning to use, as well as the lighting of the DIY photo booth in general. If you’re placing it up at night, as most couples do (when guests are more likely to have fun), lights will not only help guide visitors to the photo booth, but they’ll also provide a lovely atmosphere.

You may use classic wedding decorations like fairy lights, festoon lights, and hurricane lamps. A ring light is a fantastic way to make your guests appear their best. Avoid candles, since they may be dangerous if used by intoxicated guests in flammable dress-up clothing!

Photo Booth that Everyone Will Love: Simple Directions and Tips

Last but not least, you don’t want your guests to pass up your carefully planned DIY photo booth because you forgot to tell them about it or because the directions are too difficult to understand after a few glasses of wine. No one wants to be responsible for anything that requires their brain at a wedding, so spend some time ensuring it’s simple to understand and that everyone understands how it should be done.

Make or acquire some signs that include clear directions and, if you are concerned people won’t find your DIY photo booth, consider some generic photo booth set arrow signs to hang around the venue. If you want people to include photo strips in your guest book, make sure you provide clear instructions and a table with the book and glue next to the booth.

Get Planning! Your DIY Photo Booth: How to Urge Guests to Use Your Hashtag for Fun Picture-taking

You’ll be wanting to get a look at all of the action in your DIY photo booth once the special day is done; after all, you’ve been too caught up dancing, chatting, and generally being a VIP to spend much time staring at your guests. If you’ve chosen to have visitors use their own phones for selfies, make sure they’re really urged to include your hashtag so you can view all the photos on various social media sites. Take a look at photo booth applications, which might be excellent places to keep all of the pictures from the fun photo booths and provide some creative possibilities for sharing and producing in various styles.

Another exciting alternative is to print off all of the images of various guests posing and use them instead of the traditional wedding photo strip card that is so popular these days.