How to Make a Kids Birthday Party Special

Let’s talk about how you can make birthdays special for your kids without a huge party. There’s something to be said about birthdays without a huge party. This is something sweet, intimate, and special event. We can get into this mindset of if you’re not having a big party, then you didn’t really celebrate. That’s just not true!

  • Do something your child wants to do or go somewhere they want to go.

This can be somewhere big like Disneyland or Legoland or the zoo or it could be something as simple as going to the movies, going to their favorite park for the whole day and bringing a picnic lunch, and just having fun. Kids remember those types of things throughout their whole life. 

  • Create simple traditions.

Something like waking up to balloons all over their bedroom floor, or streamers hanging from their door, or birthday cake pancakes. 

  • Have some really nice focused-family time.

It may be dinner out or dinner in, making their favorite meal or getting their favorite takeout, having a family game night, playing their favorite video game altogether, letting them teach you how to play or playing board games, or watching a movie at home together. It can feel like you’re not doing enough and that’s not satisfying.  It doesn’t have to feel this way. Birthdays can be so special even if they’re super simple. It doesn’t have to be blown out of proportion. 

  • Celebrate with just close family members.

This kind of simplifies it for you so you’re not hosting a big party and dealing with all the people. Sometimes your child’s birthday can come at a really bad time, but it’s okay. It’s not selfish of you to adjust and act accordingly to where you’re at in life right now. If you need to keep it to close family members, ask everyone to come over and order pizza, hang out, have a cake and some ice cream, and sing to your kid for the birthday. Just let it be a nice family occasion. 

  • Cut the party in half. Keep it simple.

Let go of these Pinterest perfect super-themed parties that are inconvenient and draining for everyone involved. Simple is better for everyone. Start to keep things simple.

The other thing is that you can do a themed party. You can order a couple of themed decorations from Amazon ahead of time and order a simple colored themed cake at a bakery, then put a couple of little decorations on it, This way will be super simple and effective.

You can also use lights in the home or if you have a backyard and add some balloons. The kids can play games and run around and the adults can hang out and talk.  It can be a really good time for everybody. Stop thinking about it as a birthday party and feeling like you need to provide everyone with entertainment along with all of the candy and gift bags at the end of it and an amazing Pinterest-worthy cupcake tower. 

Then, you won’t get the sudden performance anxiety that comes with it.  Stop thinking about it and let it go.  Host a barbecue and celebrate your child being born. It kind of shifts your perspective. It’s different, and it’s better. 

There’s nothing wrong with having parties, but maybe keep it simple so you enjoy it. This is a big day. It’s the celebration of the day you became a mom, either for the first time or the fifth time. It’s the celebration of a new life, that is what matters. It’s somebody new who was born into this world and we’re celebrating that, not performing or impressing anyone. That’s the key. 

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How to Plan a Party & Party Planning Checklist

Let’s talk about a party planning checklist and how to go about planning a party. 

  • Pick a theme or an occasion for your party.

A lot of times it’s probably going to be a birthday. But there are other themes out there such as baby showers, or housewarming parties, or just a random party. Deciding that is step number one. 

  • Schedule a date.

You’re going to want to have a date set in stone, that way your friends know it’s coming up. It’s good to have this set up well in advance so people can book it. If they work, don’t plan it in the middle of the day. Picking a date and a time is really important. 

  • Create a guest list and invite your guests.

You can do this on your social media channels because people check it often. That way it’s easy to get information out if anything changes. It’s a good little system to use. Of course, you can totally pass out handmade invitations, which is so much more fun and personal. But you can totally do it on social media, but creating a guest list and knowing how many people you’re going to have to show up to your party is really important. 

  • Make a master plan.

You can be a visual person. You can write everything down, and make a section for food, decor, guest list, etc. This is an overall random master plan of everything you can update and change as you go. This is really nice if you’re a visual person. It’s also nice to check things off as you get them. 

Party Idea Sources

Another way is to go on Pinterest and look for inspiration because Pinterest is filled with inspiration. It’s a really great source to get some ideas, especially if you’re doing a baby shower or if you have a very specific theme in mind. This is a really great place to go to get some ideas and to figure out how you want to go about your party. 

Moving on to the next two steps. The first one is to DIY what you can. If you’re having a very elaborate party, and it has very specific decorations and stuff or that type of thing, you’re obviously going to want to DIY some things to make it more cost-efficient. It’s also a little bit more fun and personal way, but obviously, there are those things you are going to need to pick up, probably from the dollar store, because they have a lot of good party planning stuff.  

You can get those in advance if you know the color theme you’re going to go with. Also, just because on the day of you’re not going to be wanting to go to the dollar store and pick up like plates and cups and stuff. Make sure you get those ahead of time. This is totally optional. But the nice thing to do is a couple of days before sending out a reminder to see if anyone has any last-minute changes to their attendance. Basically, this is good if you have forgetful friends. 

The Day Before Your Birthday Party

Moving on to the day before your party, we recommend you clean the space and have everything tidy and organized. That way you don’t have to do it the day up, especially if you’re having a birthday party in your house have people over. Cleaning it and vacuuming and everything the day before will save you a lot of time and a lot of headache. 

This is also a great time to prepare any food that’s not going to go bad or things you don’t need to make the day out whether that’d be like a cake or cupcakes. Those totally last till the next day if you refrigerate them, so making those a day ahead will save you a lot of time. 

The Big Day

Moving on to the actual day, you’re going to want to set up all the party decor and set out any food that’s not going to go bad. If you do require any cooking for some of your food, maybe you should start doing that about an hour before the guests arrive. You can kind of time it out depending on what type of party you’re having. But if you are serving food then just time things out accordingly. You want to have food available as soon as your guests arrive. 

Now we will give you a couple of random tips. This blog is kind of all over the place. If you are planning a birthday party or a party of any type in the near future, we definitely recommend you to browse your local dollar store. They have a lot of different options and you can check out all the sections of the dollar store. There might be something that sparks an interest or an idea in your head that you can use for decor. It’s going to be a lot cheaper than going to somewhere like Party City or Michaels.

Also, if you don’t want to serve dinner at your party, make it after 7 P.M because that way your guests are kind of expected to have already eaten. This is kind of another little tip. The last little tip is to thank everyone for coming to your event or party the day after, whether that be on social media or via text, or email, or however you guys contact each other. Just send a quick little thank you and say you appreciate everyone who came and you had a great time. This makes your guests feel like you’ve had a great time, they’ve had a great time and you all appreciated each other’s company.

Kids Birthday Parties 2021

If a party fell short of the expectations do not even worry about it. Today we have a lot of grand expectations due to the hype social media and society puts on US parents, especially on moms for birthdays, etc. We start thinking about it even before our kids turn one. 

If you don’t celebrate and document everything on social media, every one of your child’s firsts from their first day to their first week, etc., then somehow you are not a good parent and your kids are lacking. Are they really lacking because you didn’t document everything on social media? 

Or because you didn’t do this great video or blog about your child every single time? What are they really lacking? If you want to fund it, go ahead. But kids don’t need all of that. Kids only know what we teach them. There are just a couple of things we want to talk about, three things actually. 

  • The first is teaching kids what different types of gifts are.

This is something you can also do at Christmas.  Usually, if you walked into a birthday party or their home, you will get the same question; what did you get me? What do you have? The gifts are something tangible you have to give. So how do we teach our kids there are different types of gifts? 

It starts to rewire their mind that a gift is not just a tangible thing, but it’s also something people do. A gift can be time, a gift can be a walk, or a gift can be watching a movie together. So we should make a big deal about those gifts just as much as we make big deals about the tyranny grabbed gifts so many people have given each other. That is one thing about teaching kids what different types of gifts are and what they look like and their appreciation behind them. 

  • Always make something from scratch.

This is something once again that we do for Christmas and for birthdays. For example, for Christmas, instead of spending $100 for your family you can make something for each other. It’s a thing that no matter what you give each other, you have to make something and it doesn’t need to be a big thing. 

Or for your child’s birthday, you can make a cake of what s(he)likes. It can be a princess from Disney or it can be an animal. This is always something fun to do. So whether it’s a card you make for your kids, whether it’s balloons on the doors, etc., no matter, it will be a great card.  

  • You can pick the birthdays you want to highlight

You can also quote, unquote you can celebrate it big and do something fun. On the other birthdays that fall in between, you can just play it low-key. The point is our kids are always going to be influenced, there’s always someone doing something and it’s like you have to do what is important for your family, for your life, and for your kids. 

Don’t go into debt, just because you’re worried about what the next person is going to think. Don’t say in front of the child that you are sorry, we couldn’t do something bigger. This is not the best idea. Then they think, if it’s only minimalistic, then it’s not worth it.