So you’ve been tasked with planning a kids’ party? Good for you! Making a child happy is always worth the effort, and it’s an opportunity to be creative. To make things easier on your sanity, we put together some simple tips that will help make sure your children are entertained and having fun at their birthday party.

Decide on a Theme: Children love themes! It’s something they can get really excited about, and it gives them the opportunity to dress up. Your theme could be anything from “Safari” or “Under The Sea,” to more simple things like red balloons for Valentine’s Day. Once you decide on your theme, choose

Finding The Right Budget For A Kid’s Party

Don’t let costs add up quickly: set a budget before you start your search and stick to it. It’s easiest to think about the per-person cost. So decide what would you feel comfortable spending for each guest for food, drinks, dessert, etc.

Do Your Invite List

It dictates everything from the number of guests that will be at your party to what kind of food you have. Over-planning the kid’s party before you’ve finalized your guest list is like putting the icing on the cake before the horse. The first question to address is whom we want at your kid’s party. For children, parents traditionally invite the entire class — in fact, that’s a strict rule in some schools. But that can’t go on forever. Once the child reaches age 7, they know which friends they want to invite.

You want each guest to feel special, so you can’t go wrong with personalized invitations.

But it’s not just about the invitation. You also need a party theme that suits your child’s particular interests or likes and dislikes, which will make his or her day special. So whip up some cake mix in advance of your party, and get creative.

When planning a kids’ party, invitations can be created to coordinate with the themed event. Invitations can often be one of the most heartbreaking parts of party planning, but creating your own invitations can be fun for you and your kids. Make your child’s birthday even more special with children’s invitations. If you want to bring some happiness into your child’s life this year and put some creativity into their party favors, buy blank cards at the local craft store or dollar store. Or you can print the invitation from your computer. Create a guest list for every party, inviting everyone at least two weeks before the event. You can send invitations in four different ways: by mail, email, or drop-off. Following up on the phone with parents as needed is also a good idea. Some parents would like to enlist high school students who know the other kids from school to act as game leaders or help with food. To avoid disappointment, make sure tickets are available well in advance of the party. Have your guests reply to the invitation so that you know how many people will be able to attend. Send a list of all parents’ dietary requirements and allergies to the party host so that they can plan accordingly.

One of the most important facts for your party is checking out who is coming. Rather than assigning one party to grownups and a separate party for children, consider holding two separate parties: one geared towards the adults (grandparents, other relatives, and adult friends) and one geared towards the kids (cousins, this child’s friends from playgroup or preschool). There are a few key things to keep in mind when it comes to hosting a birthday party: grown-ups need healthy food and adults should have some time for themselves. Depending on the age of the attendees, a kid’s party can be exhausting to plan. Ideally, you should aim to have games, child-friendly food, and an easy nonstop time limit. The exception: At a child’s first birthday, mixed ages will likely come and go over the course of a couple of hours, making it not too difficult to keep them entertained.

Don’t Forget the Siblings

Before 7, inviting siblings can be a nice gesture if you have the space and funds. Although parents are the ones in charge of throwing a kids’ party, they also know what you’re going through firsthand. If you cannot do it, be honest and say no. Explain that for safety reasons, we can only have a set number of guests. But parents, let them know they’re welcome to drop off the birthday guest if there’s a childcare issue for the sibling.

Decorating Your Party

Decorate the event space so that children can easily find different activities and party favors. Avoid bright colors for background decorations. Today, the trend is that a lot of people prefer to have a picture as a moment in time that will last forever. To make this event a success and create an Instagram-worthy backdrop, choose a photo of your child’s favorite animal or toy. To dress up an item for a party, you can use balloons with the date on them. In order to create a colorful backdrop for photos at your child’s party, you can use birthday balloons. To improve the look of your streamers, consider adding a few to the table or hanging them from the ceiling. A balloon arch is the perfect party decoration, and you will find tips on how to make balloons for the perfect party. If you don’t love balloon centerpieces, try other variations like a ribbon that is spooled around the table. Tassels can be easily tied with string, creating bright garlands. Paper fans are one way to add color and cheer to your children’s party. Hang a garland made of ice cream cones and cupcake liners. You might prefer making a paper chain for decoration. This backdrop can be made out of rolling paper in your child’s favorite color.

Not only the environment, but you can also decorate your cake. Every kid wants a good birthday cake, but it might be hard to make it from scratch. Once you have finalized the cake recipe, start brainstorming about decorations. One thing to consider when planning a children’s party is making your own cake topper. To honor your child on their special day, make tributes from pictures of favorite memories. The result will be something in the likeness and might provide emotional relief to those who have been through what you are currently experiencing. To avoid the use of clothespins, you may consider placing these photos on top. You can also create your cake topper! Along with the top of the cake, you have to worry about the bottom! What will you be placing the cake on? Consider making a cake display and find some clear or glass stands to hold them. If you’re low on time, remember that candles and pillar candles can be found at your local store. Add personal touches for a more customized look. You can use rhinestones to decorate any candle in just a few seconds, and they will catch the eye.

Children might not have the attention span for long periods, so keep them entertained by hosting short games. If you want to make your kid’s birthday memorable, consider hiring a magician or taking them to the bowling alley. Outdoor games can be difficult to manage as rain typically ruins them, but you should have a backup plan. One suggestion for a party game is to conduct a scavenger hunt or pin the tail on the donkey. Also, you can play;

  • Musical Hoops

Stock up on inexpensive plastic hoops for your kids’ party. Place kids on the floor and play cool music as they march around, jumping in a hoop when the tunes stop. Each round, decrease the number of hoops by one but don’t discard any children. In the end, everyone crammed into one of the remaining holes – by sticking their toe in, foot in, or hand in.

  • Treasure Hunt

To keep your kids entertained, create clues that will engage them all over the house. Give gold coins as treasure after the game ends.

Also giving Goody Bags might be a beautiful memory and gift from your kid’s birthday party. Kids love receiving gifts, and they don’t care what’s inside them as long as they get something! Don’t spend your hard-earned money on expensive things that will just get old. You can buy chalk and a long stick at any store that sells school supplies. With all these details and tips, you can create a perfect party for your kid’s birthday!

Balloon Engineers

Get creative!

Regardless of the theme, you can find resources on our website that will help guide your kids’ party planning. When you’ve got kids of your own, they’ll have lots to say about the food (yuck!) and games at their birthday party. If you ever feel overwhelmed, you can always consult with the experts. Feel free to ask to contact us for advice. We’re always happy to offer our best suggestions, even if the family doesn’t end up booking with us.

The most functional way to make your party creative is to set a theme. Kids love to dress up and organize things by theme. Themes are also a great way to come up with activities for kids of all ages, as they can range from arts and crafts to races or treasure hunts. Every child’s birthday party should have a theme. Maybe your child loves Spiderman, comic books, or maybe he/she is a diehard Harry Potter fan. It is important that you consider turning the party into a themed birthday. When you have something to celebrate, your child will enjoy celebrating it with the celebration brought to life. Not to mention, once you have your theme selected it should get easier to come up with party activities. Before you decide on the theme, you should keep the other kids (their friends) in mind as well. Indeed, your child has the final say in the theme, but you need to make sure other kids will also have fun there. All the party decorations that you make will need to be related to that theme.

Here is a theme idea for your kid’s birthday;

Space Themed:

One of the first things to do when you’re picking a theme for your party is to consider who will be attending.

What type of party should you have?

When in doubt, choose a theme, and know that this will help you with other party logistics – like how much food to order or what type of favors to provide. Be sure to consider any extra guests that may have slipped your minds such as siblings or spouses. Keep in mind that it is much easier if you have extras or plenty to spare than if you run short on anything.

The invites for the party would act as a way to communicate the theme. This can be done through kids’ birthday invitation wording or design. Let your guests know you’re going to have a galaxy-themed party that’s “out of this world,” or let the UFO and planet designs speak for themselves. Creating an invitation for a kids’ party should be equally fun for you as the party will be for your child. And so it is important to have some creativity in this invitation!

Decorating a space birthday party

A birthday party with space as an overarching theme will include a predominantly blue color scheme, along with green and black accents. When searching for space-themed party supplies, you should look for colors that coordinate with the theme of your parties like azure blue and deep black.

Use Some Space Items

You know you’re in outer space when you’re surrounded by aliens and rockets. One fun idea is to hang small toy-sized versions of these flying spacecraft from the ceiling. This will set the space theme, creating the illusion of overhead UFOs and rockets. Not sure how to make the party feel like a whole other universe itself? Keeping an eye out for planet, galaxy, and space decorations will help bring your dream to life! To do this, consider either buying or making your adhesive backdrop with planets and galaxies on it. This backdrop is great for any occasion as it can be hanged in multiple places, but the best place to display it is near a dessert table.

Along with the other guests who you already planned for, be sure to save a party hat or two for these visitors. It’s not a space-themed party without some extra-terrestrial beings (whether they are in costume or just toy-sized) present throughout the party area and plays space. If you have a decked-out theme for your decorations, consider using that same theme for food and desserts.

Theme Foods

With a few decorative ideas in mind, it’s time to plan some snacks and refreshments for the event. To plan the refreshments for a child’s birthday, decorate a dessert table with snacks and sweets to make it look like outer space. Regardless of what goodies are set out on your dessert table, you will want to decorate the area as well. Balloons on either side of the table are a quick way to highlight all the intergalactic goodies. If you wish to go the extra distance, sprinkle a bit of white and silver confetti on the dessert table as well. Also, one of the most important parts of a birthday party is the cake. With that in mind, the centerpiece of your cake is an ideal way to display space-themed dessert items. The sky is not the limit when it comes to what your outer space-themed birthday cake can have on top of itself. With this in mind, using a combination of ideas is a great way to design your cake and highlight the theme. From the moon landing to planets orbiting stars, the possibilities are endless.